Avalon II Slot by Microgaming

March 14, 2023 at 10:49 pm

Avalon II Slot by Microgaming  The original Avalon Slot was one of Microgaming’s most popular releases, and Avalon II carries on with the same quality and improved features.

Based on King Arthur’s times, the name means an “island of fruit” from the Welsh “Ynys Afallon”, and according to the legend, this is where the famous sword Excalibur was forged. It is also the island where King Arthur sought refuge to recover from his wounds from the Battle of Camlaan.

The base game has five reels with an appealing 234 pay lines and has a jackpot of 750 coins Coin sizes ranging from 0.30 to 7.50, so there is a valuable jackpot to be won.

Main Symbols

The game features two Wild symbols and a Scatter symbol. The standard Wild is supported by a Trailing Wilds system unique to Microgaming, both substituting for all other symbols to increase your win potential significantly.

However, players should focus on the Scatter symbol as spinning three of these will give you entry into eight different bonus features.

Bonus Features

These bonus features take you through 8 different stages of your quest to find the Holy Grail at the end.

The 8 Bonus Features

The Lake of Legend – Roll the dice to reassemble the Excalibur’s shattered sword.

Misty Vale Feature – Receive 15 Free Spins, and you can choose your own Wild.

Dusky Moors – Match two helms to win a payout.

Forest Falls – Receive 20 free spins with trailing wilds.

Whispering Wilds Feature – Choose shields to cash prizes or multipliers.

Morgan’s Keep – Receive 20 Free Spins with rolling reels.

Hall of Shadows – Defeat the Black Knight to recover the Holy Grail.

Isle of Avalon Feature – Spin the wheel to receive cash prizes.

Players will have a lot of fun with this rewarding video slot from Microgaming.

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